19 March 2015

Pratzen Editions join our list of Sponsors

Pratzen Éditions produce Le Retour de l'Empereur, part of their acclaimed Vive l'Empereur series, which individually covers all four battlefields of 1815.

Le Retour de l'Empereur boardgame box cover

17 March 2015

Remaining (Nov 2014) Wavre Photos Uploaded

Today we have finished adding the photos taken of the Wavre route during our trip in November 2014.

Welcome to Grognard Simulations Inc., our latest sponsor

Grognard Simulations Inc. logo

Grognard are producing a series of games on the Waterloo Campaign - Incredible Courage: 100 Day. The first title will be Quatre Bras.

Quatre Bras boardgame cover by Grognard Simulations inc.

15 March 2015

Against the Odds Magazine become our second sponsor

Against the Odds logo
Today we're pleased to announce another sponsor of Walking Waterloo. Against the Odds are the publishers of Beyond Waterloo and La Garde Recule.

ATO Beyond Waterloo magazine cover

ATO example boardgame map
Various tidy up activities on the site.
More photos and maps on their way.

12 March 2015

New Maps and First Sponsor

We have updated the Quatre Bras walking route. Adding Ferraris maps and images from L'Armee du Nord by Clash of Arms and Quatre Bras by Rick Barber.

We also welcome VentoNuovo Games - our first sponsor!

VentoNuovo Logo

VentoNuovo produce the upcoming title Waterloo 200:

6 March 2015

Battlefield Route Text Added

The basic text is in place now for all four battlefields.

The next job is to add photographs (Waterloo and Ligny already have some)

Overview of Tour

We spent two and a (generous) half days exploring all four battlefields. We took our time and walked more than you will need to if you take the guidance from this article – that said, 2 ½ days is probably what we would recommend. This time allowed us to see much of the interesting remaining aspects of all the battlefields.

From a personal perspective Waterloo was, without a doubt, the most rewarding and, for me, Wavre was the least. But there is no doubt I am really glad of the comprehensive nature of my explorations and I am indebted to Karoly and Nathalie who acted as my hosts and, in the case of Karoly, my guide. Not only did Karoly drive me everywhere, his local knowledge and his ability to speak fluently with the locals provided me with a level of insight I could not have got alone – and hopefully this guide allows you to enjoy some of those benefits too.

5 March 2015

The Other Walking Waterloo Blog

As mentioned in the header, the site is still under construction, but I'm still hoping to get it finished over the next few days.

It would be remiss not to mention another WalkingWaterloo blog: www.walkingwaterloo.blogspot.co.uk

These guys were around a long time before us but we'd bought our domain name before we realised they were here (the site wasn't originally envisaged as being a Blogger site). That said, hopefully the two blogs/sites will complement each other.

Welcome to Walking Waterloo

The site is intended for those visiting the site, whether for the bi-centennial in 2015 or at any other time.

The site is divided by battlefield and for each we provide a suggested route (with timings) a range of maps (including board wargame map extracts) and photographs. The photographs were taken in October 2014 as the Waterloo battlefield was undergoing significant renovation work in readiness for the 2015 bicentennial.

We will take you to a number of the major landmarks, but we’ll also try to point out other points of interest along the way. The route we take will combine car travel and walking. The guides were compiled in October 2014, when the sites were quiet. We have given the times that the journeys took us, but June 2015 will be MUCH busier, so please take that into account when planning your day.