6 March 2015

Overview of Tour

We spent two and a (generous) half days exploring all four battlefields. We took our time and walked more than you will need to if you take the guidance from this article – that said, 2 ½ days is probably what we would recommend. This time allowed us to see much of the interesting remaining aspects of all the battlefields.

From a personal perspective Waterloo was, without a doubt, the most rewarding and, for me, Wavre was the least. But there is no doubt I am really glad of the comprehensive nature of my explorations and I am indebted to Karoly and Nathalie who acted as my hosts and, in the case of Karoly, my guide. Not only did Karoly drive me everywhere, his local knowledge and his ability to speak fluently with the locals provided me with a level of insight I could not have got alone – and hopefully this guide allows you to enjoy some of those benefits too.

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