5 March 2015

Welcome to Walking Waterloo

The site is intended for those visiting the site, whether for the bi-centennial in 2015 or at any other time.

The site is divided by battlefield and for each we provide a suggested route (with timings) a range of maps (including board wargame map extracts) and photographs. The photographs were taken in October 2014 as the Waterloo battlefield was undergoing significant renovation work in readiness for the 2015 bicentennial.

We will take you to a number of the major landmarks, but we’ll also try to point out other points of interest along the way. The route we take will combine car travel and walking. The guides were compiled in October 2014, when the sites were quiet. We have given the times that the journeys took us, but June 2015 will be MUCH busier, so please take that into account when planning your day.

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