3 November 2016

Non-English PDFs restored

Some time ago I moved my wargaming site (http://www.limeyyankgames.co.uk) from a home server onto paid hosting. Unfortunately I forgot that I had also used the server to host the non-English PDFs for WalkingWaterloo.com and failed to transfer them. As a result, for some considerable time, the links to the PDFs on this site have been broken - my apologies as I know at least one person was enquiring after the Dutch translations. I had looked for the files on my personal PC at home - but to no avail. Then, last week, it dawned on me that there was a small chance that Karoly still had copies. I contacted him and, whilst he didn't have them all, he did have most - as well as some that (for reasons unknown) were never originally included on the site. So, at long last, the links are working again. I've added the new PDFs too and have removed the links to those that are still AWOL. Andy

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