Have you been?

If you have visited the battlefields, and especially if you've followed the tours from this site, please post your impressions and experiences.


  1. I will be there.

    You'll realise from this site (of which I'm the principal webmaster) that I've a real hinterest in the history of the battles and in wwargaming.

    I'll be staying with Karoly (with whom I've built this site), just outside of Brussels and would love to meet up with other wargamers that are making the pilgrimage.

    My stay is short however, arriving on mid-day on the Wednesday amd leaving first thing on the Saturday.

    Have tickets for Friday's re-enactment.

  2. Hi, we would like to go the Waterloo re-enactment event but it is sold out. Does anyone have 2 tickets for sale?

  3. I will be there. Arriving Thursday mid-day in Brussels. Will stay until Sunday. I have no tickets yet.

  4. Hello I will be there coming from the USA. I am planning on getting a car to drive around Quatre Bras & Ligny on Wednesday. I have a ticket for fireworks and Friday reenactment. I have no museum pass but will try to get individual tickets also on Wednesday to the new center and Wellington museum. I have climbed the Lion several times in the past!

    I am coming alone so it would be great to meet wargamers and maybe play a game of W1815!